ITES services

Document digitization We provide document digitalization support. We help you clear up file cabinet by retaining the information in an effective manner. We apply the OCR document scanning technology to convert your bulk hardcopy into well organized digital format with the output in high resolution images which can be further converted into PDF form. This will be done by well trained & experienced staff who can deliver the product in an optimal time. We also in an innovative approach that even automatically places a digitized document in a Microsoft Share Point portal.

Data entry In this world of increasing demand for accuracy, repetition of job or re-work is an ultimate loss for business. We extend out support in highly accurate data entry job of any kind done at minimal time.

Call Centre management We provide a bench mark tool, which provides complete solution for call centre management including recording, monitoring, tracking and rating the performance of the personal.

Our process centric approach to projects, our people, our work culture all combine to form a close relationship with our customers which helps us deliver software and applications that are successful even before they are launched. We provide our clients with complete transparency and allow them to actively participate in co-managing the offshore / onsite competency center and utilizing their own resources onsite, as they deem appropriate. We have the flexibility to effectively satisfy client’s specific needs as they continue to evolve.