Email Marketing

Email & Mobile marketing services

Over 80% of the consumers make their decision on product purchase based on the perceptions that they make out of the web portals. So it becomes very important to bring your prospective clients to your website (touch point).

Email Marketing is an affordable, powerful yet easy means of Internet marketing techniques to connect with your customers (Current and Prospective). This is a booster for the website. This is an e-marketing technique combined with search engine optimization. Here the visitors of your website become customers through mail shooters / newsletters. Bulk email package helps earn customers; this in turn increases the popularity of the application. Email marketing can be geography specific and target specific. The migration of email ids is very low and chance your mail is read by your prospective client is very high. As the hits increase this will indirectly contribute to the page ranking and hence SEO.

For your convenience Email Campaigning contract from Binarch is available indifferent packages -

  1. Start-ups package
  2. Corporate Package
  3. Platinum Package

SMS blasters: Send SMS any time and to any world-wide location-independently with Binarch’s SMS package. SMS blasters are best means to reach your customers. Best communication tool with SMS alerts about latest updates comes with efficient SMS newsletter distribution, customer management, support on delivery message and lot more.