Learning Management System


Binarch’s team always believes in democratizing education. In its noble efforts to make education reach one and all, binarch is developing strong educational products that can suit different customer needs.

Our cost effective and efficient e-learning products have following functionalities common in them:

  • Personalized learning and training solutions based on the need
  • Create, manage and track interactive courses
  • Dynamic content management for the courses
  • Online training through walk throughs and animations
  • Training through – Chat and video courses
  • Students evaluation
  • Multiple user handling
  • Secure platform where contents are safe
  • Scalable model that will be easy and flexible to include future changes and additional functionalities
  • Ability to connect with the payment gateways (E-commerce) and commercialize the course
  • Simple yet effective online solutions that are user friendly to both users and administrators and many more…