• EMRS is a software platform and a reference application which enables design of a customized medical records system with no programming knowledge (although medical and systems analysis knowledge is required).

  • It is a common platform upon which medical informatics efforts can be built.

  • The system is based on a conceptual database structure which is not dependent on the actual types of medical information required to be collected or on particular data collection forms and so can be customized for different uses.


What Binarch-EMRS DO?

  • BinarchEMRS is a patient-centric medical record application that records the details of interactions between health care providers and patients.

  • Information is stored in a way that makes it easy to summarize and analyze, minimizing the use of free text and maximizing the use of coded information.

  • The software gathers a patient’s treatment details into a single patient chart. Having this complete patient history available in one place empowers clinicians to make better decisions about care, while also enabling a deeper analysis of patient health in order to draw more meaningful conclusions on improving outcomes.

Why do we need BinarchEMRS?

  • Healthcare management require efficient information management, which is critical as clinical care must increasingly be entrusted to less skilled providers.

  • Most health care programs in developing countries manage their information with simple spreadsheets or small, poorly designed databases.

  • As a response to challenges like reducing duplicate records and unnecessary efforts in healthcare, Binarch Electronic Medical Record System was developed.