• Easily enter events, such as breedings, vaccinations, and pregnancy check results. The same event can be entered for multiple animals in just a few mouse clicks
  • Create scatter graphs to compare a cow against the herd average or a group’s average.
  • Use the pre-defined check lists and analysis reports to see how your herd is doing and what animals are due for certain events, such as pregnancy checks.
  • Track your costs and compute your income to know which cows and making money for you and which ones aren’t.
  • Automatically import data from your milking testing lab (AgSource, AgriTech, Raleigh DRMS, and PA DHIA are currently supported) or from your Boumatic or Westfalia parlor equipment.
  • Export your reports to other applications, such as Excel and Word. Even publish them on the Web!

Milk goats instead of cows? Use DairyLive to create a herd database that is customized for goat herds.