Dairy Farm Management

The world’s BEST value in herd management software!

Running a successful dairy requires more than working hard. It requires working smart. And to work smart, you need smart tools. At this Juncture we would like to introduce our Dairy Live Service Which is in industry for more than 14 Years.

Managing a profitable farming operation requires high quality data to make quality decisions. Of course, no one likes managing data. That’s why herd management software application created smart. We’ve developed an application that is very easy to use, and makes it a breeze to create and generate the reports needed to best manage your livestock operations. We also understand that no two farms are the same, and have therefore created an application is also incredibly versatile in it’s ability to be customized by the individual user.

DairyLive is perfect for any sized dairy. There’s no limit to herd size, and all reports and check lists are completely customizable. It interfaces seamlessly with data from your milking testing lab (AgSource, AgriTech, Raleigh DRMS, and PA DHIA are currently supported) or from your Boumatic or Westfalia parlor equipment.. You can even use it with your Palm-based handheld computer.

DairyLive is one of the most powerful, user friendly applications on the market. It has been developed in such a way that it fit the needs of today’s dairy Farms. Our top priority is to put you in control of your dairy management activities.

How does our service helps you.

  • Instantly bring up an animal’s pedigree details, lactation data, or events, by just pointing to the animal and clicking a button on the toolbar.

  • Easily enter events, such as breedings, vaccinations, and pregnancy check results. The same event can be entered for multiple animals in just a few mouse clicks.




  • Provision to define feeding strategy for each state of livestock (calf/heifer/herd) and for each feed type
    Feeding history (system will generate based on feeding strategy defined).

Milk Production

  • Live Stock/Cattle daily milk production – morning/evening.

  • Farm level daily milk production – morning/evening.

Live Stock/Cattle Management

  • Breed details, date of birth/age, physical characteristics, lactation details, drying off status etc…

  • Health details – vaccination, De-worming and diseases history for each live stock.

  • Reproduction details – semen number, pregnancy test date & result, calf birth date & sex.

  • Create scatter graphs to compare a cow against the herd average or a group’s average.

  • View standard charts that compare your herd’s data with national and regional averages.

  • Use DairyLive Anywhere to take your herd data with you wherever you go, and even enter new events from your smart phone or any browser.

Financial Management

  • All expenses & revenues tracker.
  • Auto expense, revenue & profit report up to date.