Business Partners

Binarch would like to partner with firms / individuals who require a strong IT delivery support. Binarch will be extended arm of such partners by acting as their offshore delivery team. We are experts in developing customized software solutions, web based applications, ecommerce / dynamic portal, SEO, BI Reporting and share point solutions. The business benefits of outsourcing to Binarch extend well beyond cost savings, and include improved efficiency, effectiveness, flexibility, quality, and standards compliance.

What you can expect from us -

  • Fast turnaround of your project with our quality resources
  • Cost savings
  • Revenue increase as you cut down your overheads
  • Significant improvement in the quality and productivity of your business
  • Just keep getting the projects and we will support you.

Sales Partners

Binarch would be interested to partner with firms on a revenue share model. Binarch is planning to extend its offerings to different geographies by setting up tie-ups with partners across the globe for sales. Binarch will provide all the required marketing materials to the partners and as they generate leads, we will work on them to convert them. In this process partners get benefited as we share the revenue with them.

What can start-ups expect from us -

  • You represent Binarch and generate leads and we share profits
  • We will be transparent and will share revenue only for converted leads
  • And many more …

Incubation Partners

Binarch is company that is formed with a spirit of entrepreneurship and we would love to see many companies start-up their business and realize their dreams. Binarch offers end-to-end technology support for start-ups to run their business and to do this we charge them a very nominal cost and we get into a revenue share model with the firms.

What can start-ups expect from us –

  • Web-enabled businesses run on IT platforms and we offer end-to-end solutions in a very affordable model
  • As the start-up picks-up and gain momentum you start paying usWe do SEO / online marketing / New letter campaigning
  • And many more …